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recover stolen funds: Do you know approximately 2.6 trillion dollars is stolen or embezzled every year based on statistics ascertained by U4 anti-corruption Resource?

Several crimes have grown over the years, including terrorism, corrupt government officials, theft and robbery, and cyberattacks. The crimes mentioned above have led to insecurity worldwide. This article will be focused majorly on cyber theft, what it’s all about, different types of online scams, and the best platform for recovering your stolen funds if you’ve been a victim.

The rate at which people are being scammed is alarming and has led to several funds being extorted without recovery. Advances in technology upgrades also have their downsides, as many evil perpetrators engage actively in the negative use.

This century brought about the advent of technology to make life easier but has led to insecurity because cyber attackers manipulate the blindspots associated with this tech. A major example is an online store scam.

Many stores online are known to be fake, and also, stores that have gained significance over time and are known to be legit are now recreated by these malicious scammers in extorting people. Many can’t differentiate between a fake and an original website server, which has led to the loss of their funds due to ignorance.

But is there a remedy to this? Can you truly recover your funds? The answer is yes at Cyberspac3. We are equipped with the required professionals, always ready to help recover your funds as soon as possible. There are many different ways you can be scammed, which I will discuss through this article. Starting with the commonest ways to the pretty difficult ones.

 recover stolen funds

Types of online scams – recover stolen funds

  • Phishing: This is the most common, easiest, and most effective online scam ever known. This method involves tricking people into giving their details while used against them. So these cyber attackers either use the individual’s information to blackmail them or hack into their private funds.

    Phishing comes in different ways, they try to manipulate weak links that they can use against you, such as tricky calls from a pseudo bank branch that they would like to upgrade your account and your details are needed immediately for this, many might tell you that they are an insurance company and would like to ensure your properties.

    They come in various forms; the best you can do is double-check and confirm their validity. Phishing commonly works, with emails being the easiest way through to an individual. Other means involve calls, direct messages, and social media through which they can contact you. The 2 common types of phishing are “Spear-phishing,” “Smishing,” and “Vishing.”
  • Cryptocurrency Scam: we all know that the latest gold mine of this century is cryptocurrency, and many people are in a rush to get involved and amass part of the wealth. Due to the ignorance and ineptitude of individuals, they easily fall prey to scammers either via buying coins or fake smart contracts that are worth nothing. They encourage you to invest in certain coins that are not in existence or risky, and while doing this, they have access to your personal information, which can access your private funds.
  • Digital threat scams: This is also commonly known in that they gain control of any of your social media accounts and threaten you to pay a ransom for access. They try to scare you with illicit posts on your account or engage in actions that might put a smear on your integrity.
  • Fake charities: This particular scam has proven effective in swindling people of their hard-earned money. Fake GoFundMe or charitable websites are set up and used against people. These charities are not real but a means to an end to using your emotions against you. You can easily decipher them because they always pop up after a huge catastrophe occurs. Also, authorities certify legit charities to donate during such incidents, and you can relate to the list to make your donations.
  • Cybercrime scam: This is where various black hackers come into play. It involves the use of computers or mobile devices in effecting their deeds. They send malicious malware or virus-contained files that control your devices and disrupt their service. They also request ransom to regain access to your devices or not if they can access your funds via your accounts.

If you’re a victim of such and think it’s too late to recover your funds, you should not worry as cyberspac3 has covered you. We are involved with hack-backs that entail systematic investigations and legal actions. This is why Cyberspac3 is the best platform to recover your looted funds. you can also visit our website at to check out our services.

 We ensure:

  • 24/7 Surveillance: Our services are always round the clock. We intensify our effort as every minute counts to assure you that we can do what we do. Also, our support service is always there to help out every time you lodge your complaints.
  • Swift Response: We already know how traumatized you must have been to be hacked, and hence, to restore your peace, we deliver our services with immediate alacrity. As said earlier, every minute counts, and we value your time as a client.
  • Transparency: This is always needed in any business organization as we want to keep you in tabs on what we are doing and our progress so far.

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