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Best Platform To Recover Lost Meta Mask Account

Best Platform To Recover Lost Meta Mask Account: MetaMask is a popular and established software that is available on mobile and as a  browser extension that functions as a cryptocurrency wallet that connects to the Ethereum blockchain. MetaMask allows users to interact with the Ethereum ecosystem, which hosts a vast universe of decentralized applications (Dapps), without having to download the entire blockchain on their device. As such, it’s one of the best Ethereum wallet solutions for easy access to decentralized exchanges (DEX); Cryptokitties; a game based on the Ethereum, Freelance; hiring platform on smart contract, Steemit; a blogging and social media platform on the blockchain, Uniswap; a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange platform and so on. MetaMask was developed by ConsenSys Software Inc.,

MetaMask is the most popular hot wallet for the Ethereum blockchain. What is a Hot Wallet? A hot wallet is a tool that allows a cryptocurrency owner to receive and send tokens that are connected to the internet. Unlike traditional currencies, there are no dedicated banks or physical wallets that can be used to keep cryptocurrency holdings secure. On the other side of the spectrum is the Cold Wallet, which is an offline wallet used for storing cryptocurrencies. With cold storage, the digital wallet is stored on a platform that is not connected to the internet, which might be a paper wallet, hardware wallet or memory wallet. More on the difference between Hot and Cold wallet later.

Best platform recover lost meta mask
Best Platform to Recover Lost Meta Mask

Metamask is an open-source platform with lots of developers in its community consistently updating its open-source code. Metamask has a wallet that hasn’t suffered any major hacks, however, lots of individual wallets have been hacked over the years. This might be because of installing Metamask on a compromised device, connected to a devious smart contract, entering a fake giveaway context and many more. It is important to know that the most common type of threat facing Metamask and hot wallets as a whole is phishing attacks.

If you have noticed a glitch in your Metamask Account, maybe your funds are depreciating or you are receiving crypto-assets you no nothing about; anything out of the ordinary. The most common method scammers use to compromise your wallet account is through phishing attacks.

If your account is compromised and the attacker has not touched the crypto-asset in your wallet, the key is to act fast and send all your cryptocurrencies and NFTs out of the wallet into an uncompromised one. However, this is not likely the case since the first thing a bad actor does is go after your crypto-assets.

Our advice is to leave a compromised Metamask account since it is possible to own and manage more than one account, however, if the attacker has carted away with your funds make sure you go after your assets and recover them. Thanks to recent discoveries, cryptocurrencies are not anonymous as they used to be, there are various establishments purposefully set up to go after stolen crypto-assets. There are various platforms that claim to recover stolen funds. However, only a few have trusted and verified track records of such practices. Here is the best platform to recover lost meta mask accounts.

Best Platform to recover lost Meta Mask Account

You can always search online, Google, youtube, and cryptocurrency forums to learn how to trace your crypto and recover it on the blockchain; depending on how good your searching skill is. There is a 30 minutes+ video on Youtube where a hacker recorded and explain how he hacked a Trezor wallet with the consent of the Wallet Owner, as explanatory as the video is, the truth is you can do this in your home unless you are a hacker yourself and have the hardware necessary to carry out the operation. This applies to other articles and videos you might have seen, without proper knowledge about the security system of the blockchain and Metamask, there is nothing you can do to recover your crypto-assets, unless…

You hire a hacker that knows about recovering funds from a Metamask wallet. There are hackers with enough engineering skills to hack a Metamask wallet for a fee. You can get industry certified hacker on Cyberspac3(The best platform to recover lost Meta Mask accounts). Cyberspace is a marketplace for hackers with different areas of expertise. Simply visit the website and file for a case, the appropriate hacker for your case will contact you through the contact information provided.

Here are a few safety tips to help secure your Metamask Wallet Account:

recover lost meta mask
Best Platform to Recover Lost Meta Mask
  • Never share your 12 words Secret Recovery Phrase (seed phrase) or private keys with anyone under any circumstance.
  • Beware of Impersonators! Make sure to see their trust level 4.
  •  Never DM with someone offering to help.
  • Never enter your secret seed phrase or private keys into any website online.
  •  Never trust someone asking you to “authenticate your wallet”.
  • Never import to your wallet a private key or a seed phrase someone gave you
  • MetaMask Support will never DM to help you.
  • DO NOT join discord servers, WhatsApps groups, WeChat groups, Telegram channels, or Twitter DMs. These are all scams. MetaMask does not support these.
  • Report scammers. You can help the community safe.
  • Beware of fake websites → Official Website:

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