How To Recover Your Lost Bitcoin

How To Recover Your Lost Bitcoin: Bitcoin is relatively easy to define as how people make it to be. Simply put, Bitcoin is a software. Don’t be deceives by the stock image of shinny coins emblazoned with a modernised Thai baht (฿) symbol. Bitcoin is just a digital phenomenon, a set of protocols and processes. Using a more sophisticated term, we can say, Bitcoin is a digital currency, a decentralized system that documents transactions in a disseminated ledger called a blockchain.

It is the most successful of tons of attempts to create virtual currency through the use of cryptography, the science of making and breaking code.

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How To Recover Your Lost Bitcoin

Not just humans, anything can access and use the Bitcoin Network. This creates vast possibilities of things the Bitcoin Network can be used for. Imagine a future of self-driving Taxis, with their Bitcoin Wallet. Passengers will send Bitcoin directly to the car and the car won’t move until payment is confirmed. The car will also be able to detect when it’s low on fuel and uses its wallet to facilitate a refill.

The most important threat for Bitcoin exchange participants is that of theft and other criminal activities. Though the Bitcoin network itself has mostly been secure throughout its existence, individual exchanges are not the same. Many hackers have targeted high profile cryptocurrency wallet exchanges, often resulting in the loss of millions in tokens.

The most memorable exchange hack is likely from Mt. Gox, which dominated the Bitcoin transaction space up through 2014. Early in that year, the platform announced the theft of roughly 850,000 bitcoin worth close to $450 million at the time. Mt. Gox filed for bankruptcy; to this day, the majority of that stolen bounty, which would now be worth a total of about $8 billion, has not been recovered.

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Most hackers nowadays target individual Crypto Wallet, that the Wallet of you and I. Hackers use different forms of hack tools to get target’s Private key. While a Public key is like a username to an account, a Private key serves as the password. Hackers use Phishing emails, fake Wallets, spoofing and other fraudulent methods to get Private key to cart away with users’ Bitcoin.

Bitcoin ownership boils down to two things, a Private and Public Key. While you can give out your public key to receive funds to anyone your private key serves as a signature of your approval to transfer your token, i.e Private key is used for authorising transactions. Under no circumstance should you give out your private key to anyone no matter how convincing or disheartening their reason might be, giving out your Private Key is like giving out the username and password of your bank app.

To prevent being hacked, make sure your device is running on an up-to-date antivirus to protect your devices from malware and spyware alike.

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Be on the watch for Phishing emails requiring you to do anything funny or what a typical Exchange Wallet won’t ask of you, like using your Private Key to verify your account or other funny stories.

If you have a large asset of Bitcoin, we advise you to keep the larger percentage of it in a Cold Wallet, cause it is hard to hack since it is not stored on the internet. ( The difference between Hot and Cold Wallet is that, Hot wallet is connected to the internet so just like everything on the internet, it is prone to hacks, while Cold wallet is not on the internet)

If you are using a Wallet Exchange App, verify it is the authentic one, since they are lots of duplicate on the internet that are just after your private key.

Be sceptical of ICOs, (Initial Coin Offering) since theirs is a rise in ICO scams lately. Make your research before investing in one, check the authenticity of the organisers before investing.

Recover Lost Bitcoin

Paraventure you get hacked and your Bitcoin got stolen, you can hire a hacker to help you monitor the transaction since Bitcoin is a Public Ledger of Transactions. Although it takes a huge degree of understanding to be able to decipher the Blockchain. That is why you need a hacker that understands the Blockchain to trace and retrieve your funds.

Here is where Cyberspac3 comes in, an expert in the recovery of Cryptocurrency funds.  Due to the increase in cyber crimes and lost of crypto currencies to scammers, CyberSpac3 has a team of seasoned recovery expert that help you recover your lost and stolen crypto funds.

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