Recover lost funds from Velocity Trade FX

Recover lost funds from Velocity Trade FX : Velocity Trade was identified to be operating under questionable and unethical methods due to its regulatory status and suspicious terms of service. 

After taking a look at their website, it is deduced that they are not licensed or regulated by any forex or financial regulating body. If you are familiar with the forex and investment market you will know that this is a major red flag, that should be enough for you not to invest with them. Another popular indicator for investment scamming schemes – “Automated trading software” is also used on the website. Automated trading software is notoriously famous for forex and investment scamming schemes.

So Velocity Trades is just another unregulated forex broker, which means your funds as an investor are not protected, and they will likely get away with your hard-earned money and there will be no governing or regulatory body to hold them responsible.

Reasons to Suspect Velocity Trade  is Operating a Forex Scam

Recover lost funds from Velocity Trade FX
Recover lost funds from Velocity Trade FX
  • Velocity Trade  froze your account
  • Velocity Trade  blocked your account
  • You cannot login back into your account
  • Money has been taken out from the account
  • Velocity Trade doesn’t take your calls
  • Velocity Trade shut down their website
  • You noticed Velocity Trade took money out from your bank account without your permission
  • Velocity Trade  is offering you a bonus
  • Velocity Trade  is offering you to fund more money into the account after you lost a large sum

Be suspicious of any forex or investment platform like Velocity Trade especially those that contact you out of the blue.

Unsolicited contacts about investing

A scammer claiming to be an investment banker or a stockbroker calls, emails or contacts you on social media and offers investment opportunities. They may even claim to be from an investment firm or company you have heard of, as fraudsters sometimes impersonate these businesses to seem legitimate.

The scammer will claim what they are offering is a low-risk-high-return investment opportunity and will encourage you to invest as soon s possible.

The scammer’s offer will sound legitimate and they may have professional-looking websites and resources to back up their claims. They will be persistent and may continue to message you until you agree to invest.

The investments offered in these types of cold calls are usually shares, mortgage, or real estate high-return schemes, options trading or foreign currency trading. The scammer is usually operating from overseas, and won’t have a local license to operate.

Warning signs of an investment scam

  • The promise of zero or low risks with high returns: Always remember, if something seems too good to be true it probably is. If you are promised ‘guaranteed returns’ this is a red flag.
  • You are contacted out of the blue: You receive a call, email or message on social media from someone offering unsolicited advice on investments.
  • High-pressure tactics: You are contacted repeatedly and are told that you need to act immediately or you will miss out on the investment opportunity.
  • Someone you haven’t met in person offers you investment advice: Never take investment advice from someone you meet on social media or a dating app.
  • Use of celebrity endorsements or images: These are usually photoshopped. Celebrities rarely discuss their investments or financial decisions in public.
  • Someone has convincing promotional materials or websites: If documents like prospectuses aren’t registered with ASIC, it is likely part of a scam.

How to Recover lost funds from Velocity Trade FX (an investment scam)

You can recover funds you lost to the Velocity FX scam or any other type of investment scam, whether it crypto related or not, so congratulations if you have lost your funds because there is a way to hunt down the perpetrator and get your funds back.

As developers learn and understand the financial technology and how most traditional payment systems work, Forex scam victims can now file for chargebacks to reverse the transaction they sent to the fraudulent platform, and with new discoveries in blockchain technology funds sent through cryptocurrencies can also be recovered. 

You can find Recovery experts on Cyberspac3, a platform that investigates frauds and helps victims recover lost funds. Cyberspac3 is beaming with hackers and Recovery Personnel with enough expertise to trace and recover your funds.

Cyberspac3 specializes in dealing with online scams and helps provide an appropriate channel for reimbursement to the victims using disputes, tracking down digital fingerprints, cyber analysis, and thorough investigative and recovery work.

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